Here are <a href="" target="_blank">HCG Protocol – Do’s & Don’ts</a> summarized:

In all phases of the HCG diet you must not drink alcohol, weigh yourself or get weighed daily (or at the very least every 2-3) and drink at least 3 liters of water.

<a href="" target="_blank">HCG Phase 1 - 3 Fat Loading/Binge Days</a>

This is the phase many of our clients look forward to and that surprises them when they learn they must comply with this. During this time, you spend the first three days of HCG fat LOADING, or binging as some refer to it. You must eat as much as possible and preferably a ton of fat in the foods you load on. From afar it seems counter intuitive that one would gorge on densely fattening & caloric foods, for 3 consecutive days, at every single meal. However, after closer inspection Amd after understanding how HCG works in the body, it's a critical time in the process. Look at this as putting gasoline in the tank of a brand new car. You can't expect the car to run if you give it no fuel. HCG's primary function is to burn fat. Fat must be added to the diet for a few days after starting HCG because it takes that long for your body to start releasing it's own fat stores. Failure to properly load will likely result in hunger during the first week; this is easily avoidable by consuming significant levels of fat. It is important to note that if you already adhere to a healthy diet, as some of you do, you can fat load by way of avocado, eggs, nuts, dark chocolate, olive oil, etc. It is not mandatory that you acquire these fats from "fast food" type items.

<a href="" target="_blank">HCG Phase 2 - 25 or 45 Days</a>

This is where it gets real! 500 calories a day of only lean protein and low carb fruits and vegetables. Besides the food restrictions, there are a ton of rules for this phase. I don't pay attention to most of them but I'll call out the ones that I do.

Basic Rules:

  • take HCG FIRST thing in the morning upon waking
  • No sugar or all sugar products, this includes all artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Sweet & Low, etc) - any Stevia product (although we recommend Stevia in the Raw as it has the best taste) should be your best friend throughout this process
  • No sodas, including diet sodas and drinks such as Crystal Light - This is due to the sweeteners. You can however make your own lemonade or iced tea using a tea bag or lemon juice in 8oz of water, w/ the addition of Stevia. This will reduce your cravings for something other than water.
  • No fruits except those listed
  • No starches including bread, pasta, tortillas, cookies, etc. The only exception is the required Melba toast or HCG approved Grissini breadsticks
  • No fast food - however if need be, you may order a garden salad w/ a grilled chicken (not breaded or fried) filet on top. Just keep in mind that you cannot use the dressing.

We sell several HCG approved salad dressings that can also be used for marinades on your meat. You can also use a lemon and some herbs as a homemade dressing if you'd like

  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No creams, moisturizers and lotions that are oil based - Your skin is your largest organ. Your body will pull calories from your beauty products.
  • it is recommended that you make the attempt to Eat a different protein for your two meals, this will help you avoid boredom - you can also check out our recipes section that may offer a few more ideas for you!
  • Try to Eat less Beef and more Fish, as beef generally contains higher fat content and thus calories, as opposed to a white fish
  • Make the attempt to avoid eating at restaurants. It's nearly impossible to track every ingredient they use and there are almost always hidden ingredients
  • DO NOT SKIP MEALS! In fact, if you find yourself hungry or having the desire to eat more than 2xs per day, you can split your meals into 3 or 4 meals per day. Divide as you wish but ensure that you are still staying within the confines of the protocol and the serving sizes.

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