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  • One-on-one with a Medical Weight Loss Counselor
  • Complete initial medical evaluation and blood work
  • HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) medically monitored prescription
  • HCG to assure safe & healthy weight loss

The Results shown are based on active and strict participation in our program.Weight loss results may vary based on individual user.

Body Type Weight Loss System encompasses all of our health and wellness services to remove toxicity, prevent hormone imbalance, and eliminate undetected nerve damage allowing diet and exercise to accomplish its desired goal. We endeavor to heal the body first, so that weight loss efforts will yield long lasting results, eliminating the yo-yo effect most dieters endure.

• Learn how hormones can distort your mid-section into a large belly and prevent weight loss even with hard-core exercise or dieting
• Learn the biggest reason why you initially lose very small amounts of weight from dieting and then gain even more down the road
• Learn how hormones can affect your sleep – Can’t get to sleep; wake up 2-4 hours after falling asleep; can’t get into deep rejuvenating sleep; or rarely feeling rested or awake the next day
• Learn the 3 sources of fatigue and what you can do to eliminate it.


" I Lost 24 Pounds, Cant believe it. i am happy for the weight loss.My pant size is smaller now which means no more large pants or big tops to cover the weight. My eating habits have changed all so for the better. " - Jamila H

" I'm so happy with this program. I'm losing the weight in all the hard places. The best part of this program is i get to fit into clothes i didn't fit into three years ago."- Maria P

" Try it, it works it may take a little time but guaranteed to work. Its the best. " -Joann G

" The program so far is Great. I feel good about myself. I would recommend this program to anybody. I feel healthy and more energized since losing the weight. " - Marilyn D

" This program is excellent. I feel so good now. I can run and feel healthy. I will tell people about this program." - Parul P

" I am amazed that i can be on this program and not be hungry. You can feel the energy coming back with family and all you have to do. " -Deborah D

" This program has added such a boost to my life. Prior to the program i had gained over 20 pounds in one year and was battling depression from the rapid weight gain. Since joining the program i have lost the weight and have regained my confidence. I now enjoy going out with friends and putting on fabulous forms fitting clothes.I would recommend this program to anyone battling excessive weight gain. " - Jatavia B

" I'm used to wearing big clothes, so i bought a new dress and couldn't believe it fit me, and showed off my curves. Everyone complimented me even my pastor. he said here is my Tina turner. I'm not conceited or anything but i was blushing, i feel so good about myself. " - Louise L

" I cant believe i lost all my body fat i wanted to loose in such a small amount of time." - Romelia G

" I have had energy since i have been on "HCG" program. I lost weight off my waist." - Sheiley W

" Best weight loss program Ive ever been on. Its very effective. i seen changed in the first week being on this program. I would recommend this weight loss program to everyone who is serious about losing weight. I cant stop praising this program." - Marie L